Eric Sloane – Summer pen and ink illustration

Eric Sloane – Summer

Here is the third of the four original pen and ink illustrations in the series of seasons by Eric Sloane, N.A., all recent arrivals at The Gallery@Weather Hill.
You may have noticed that this pen and ink, along with the earlier ones posted of “Winter” and “Spring”, show a rounded border. This is because Eric created these for a set of plates to be struck by the original Medallic Art Company. It does not appear that these plates were made in great quantity – if at all. We have the plate for “Autumn”, “Spring”, and “Winter”, but there are no markings on the verso of any of the plates. The family from which these plates came were the original founders of Medallic, and believed that the lack of the company name, logo and production numbers on the verso signifies that these plates were never produced. Followers of “things Sloane” may recognize an uncanny resemblance to “The Four Seasons” plates struck later in pewter by the International Silver Company of Meriden, CT.