Eric Sloane, N.A. (1905-1985).  We purchase, sell, authenticate and restore paintings by Eric Sloane. We specialize only in the works of author and artist Eric Sloane.

Why Eric Sloane?

Welcome to the ultimate destination to explore the timeless art of Eric Sloane, the iconic American artist whose masterpieces have left an indelible mark on the world of art and history. With a profound love for America’s rural landscapes and a meticulous eye for detail, Sloane’s captivating oil paintings and iconic pen and ink illustrations bring to life the charm and simplicity of a bygone era. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of his work, which beautifully captures the essence of early American history and rural heritage. Discover the allure of Eric Sloane’s artistry as you embark on a journey through our carefully curated collection, showcasing the magnificence of his craft and the enduring legacy he has left behind.

No American artist comes close to Eric Sloane at his best.  He chronicled what he loved about America:  the farmers and their barns, covered bridges, the sky, clouds – and he did so with an abiding interest and reverence that seems missing and unfashionable in the art world.

Our latest arrival, Twilight Thunderhead by Eric Sloane, N.A.

His best paintings also seem to have a soul you can perceive when you stop your world for a time and sit and reflect on what Sloane has wrought from wood, linseed oil, pigment, and pencil.  It is with that reflection that there begins a communication between you and the artist.  After all, Eric Sloane was using his medium to attempt to communicate something he felt was important to someone he hoped was listening with their eyes.  If you can see – and therefore hear – the message – you are that much richer.

Wil Mauch’s New Book on the History of the Eric Sloane Museum:

Symbols of American Spirit, A history of the Eric Sloane Museum and a rapturous look at the collection of paintings and illustrations by Eric Sloane owned by the museum.

NEW: Symbols of American Spirit: 50 Years of the Eric Sloane Museum. For over half a century, visitors national and international alike have traveled to Kent, Connecticut, to obtain perspective on one of America’s most enduring artists.  Since opening on 30 May 1969, the Eric Sloane Museum has presented the artist’s collection of early American tools and original works of art, and serves as a source of education, inspiration, and as a touchstone for tens of thousands of visitors.  It is, for so many reasons, a remarkable achievement and testament to a man aptly described as “in constant motion”.  How did this delightful museum, the exhibits envisioned and crafted by the artist himself, come to pass?  It began with a town dump and an art show – and became a national treasure.

Symbols of American Spirit is presented in two parts.  Using numerous photographs in illustrations, Wil explores the earliest history of the Eric Sloane Museum in part one.  In part two, Wil presents the entire art collection through more than two-dozen full color gallery photographs.  Wil’s informal and engaging writing style – supplemented with anecdotes and little known facts about how Sloane approached painting – feels more like a private tour of the collection than a formal treatment of the artwork.  The result is at times a playful, at times a profound – but always a fascinating – look at the man, his museum, and his art. $49.99. SPECIAL: Free shipping in the Continental U.S. Proceeds benefit The Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum’s Mauch Family Fund for Youth Education.

Also by Wil Mauch with Illustrations by Eric Sloane:

Eric Sloane’s Simple Machines: A Boy, A Diary and the Building of America. This charming and informative volume introduces readers young and old to simple machines and how they work.  Wil modeled this volume after Eric Sloane’s 1962 classic Diary of An Early American Boy, Noah Blake: 1805, using Eric’s original characters, pen and ink illustrations, design, and font.  New stories are told of how Noah, Rachel, Izaak, Mr. Beach, and Mr. Simon used simple machines throughout 1805 to help them accomplish many tasks. NEW IN WRAPS $21.95. SPECIAL: Free shipping in the Continental U.S.. Proceeds benefit The Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum’s Mauch Family Fund for Youth Education.

NEW: Ellie and the Clouds by Wil Mauch. Meet Ellie, a girl captivated by clouds.  How her wonder and dreams to visit with the clouds unfolds is the subject of this delightful book. With dozens of illustrations by Eric Sloane and introducing the work of Doan Trang, Ellie and the Clouds will inspire readers of all ages.  Includes My Cloud Journal, a 34 page journal for exploring the world of clouds, and for practicing your cloud drawing skills. $19.99 SPECIAL: Free shipping in the Continental U.S. Proceeds benefit The Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum’s Mauch Family Fund for Youth Education.