Welcome to the world of Eric Sloane, N.A. (1905-1985), one of America’s greatest painters.

We purchase, sell, authenticate and restore paintings by Eric Sloane. Weather Hill specializes only in the works of author and artist Eric Sloane and we have served collectors of Eric Sloane’s works for decades. Please click on the Eric Sloane link, above, to find our most current offerings of paintings and illustrations by Eric Sloane, as well as books authored by him.

NEW: Eric Sloane’s Simple Machines: A Boy, A Diary and the Building of America. This charming and informative volume introduces readers young and old to simple machines and how they work.  Wil modeled this volume after Eric Sloane’s 1962 classic Diary of An Early American Boy, Noah Blake: 1805, using Eric’s original characters, pen and ink illustrations, design, and font.  New stories are told of how Noah, Rachel, Izaak, Mr. Beach, and Mr. Simon used simple machines throughout 1805 to help them accomplish many tasks. $21.95 (Includes free shipping and sales tax). Proceeds benefit The Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum’s Noah Blake Cabin Fund.