Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum

Our Mission

The Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum stand as a vital pillar in preserving the legacy of the esteemed American artist, Eric Sloane, and ensuring the continued success of the Eric Sloane Museum. Comprised of passionate individuals, art enthusiasts, and history aficionados, the Friends group plays a pivotal role in supporting and advocating for the museum’s initiatives, exhibitions, and educational programs. Their unwavering dedication and financial contributions help safeguard Eric Sloane’s captivating artworks, personal belongings, and literary treasures, allowing visitors from around the world to experience the profound impact of his art and writings. Through their collaborative efforts, the Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum foster a sense of community, connecting individuals who share a deep admiration for the artist and his work. By joining forces, they bolster the museum’s mission to celebrate Eric Sloane’s artistry and preserve his enduring legacy, solidifying their position as a paramount force in perpetuating the admiration and appreciation for this iconic American artist.

Created by Eric Sloane biographer Wil Mauch in 2010, the Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum has grown to become an important partner with the Eric Sloane Museum to enhance the experience of visitors.  It is the mission of the Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum to assist in the preservation and interpretation of the Eric Sloane Museum and its collection, to encourage and promote visitation, and to enhance public appreciation of the legacy of artist and author Eric Sloane.

We work in concert with the State of Connecticut’s Department of Economic and Community Development and the staff of the Eric Sloane Museum. The Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and our directors receive no compensation.  We are a welcoming and inclusive board of directors, and welcome new members to our board should you have an interest in serving.

Since our founding, the Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum has provided funding and logistical support for a number of exhibits and educational opportunities, especially for those developed for younger visitors.

The Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum has also provided financial and logistical support for a number of initiatives to increase public awareness of the life and work of Eric Sloane, as well as for exhibition development and archival work:

We have also taken several steps to enhance the appearance and aesthetic of the museum grounds, including work to the area between the museum building and the Kent Iron Furnace and the creation of he Noah Blake orchard adjacent to the cabin:

To the east of the Noah Blake cabin, the Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum made real the vision of board member Jeffrey Bischoff – a traditional, dry-laid New England stone wall gathering area complete with fire pit:

Our latest effort involves the Noah Blake cabin and our goal is to create an inviting outdoor educational experience housed in a cabin that replicates authentically what Eric Sloane illustrated and described in his 1962 Diary of An Early American Boy. We have worked diligently to reproduce the exterior of the cabin as described and illustrated by Eric….

…as well as the interior:

Noah’s bedroom
Noah’s bedroom window with sliding interior shutter

When the cabin is opened to the public in 2021, visitors will find that the portions of the interior illustrated by Eric Sloane in Diary of an Early American Boy have been faithfully replicated in the Noah Blake cabin. Those portions of the cabin’s interior not illustrated in Eric’s book will be used for a series of “hands on” exhibit spaces that will allow visitors to explore the scientific and mathematical concepts behind simple machines and how they can provide the user with a mechanical advantage to complete all sorts of jobs. The exhibits will build on hundreds of examples from many of Eric’s publications and will reflect real world examples common in 18th century America.

You can find out much more about the Noah Blake cabin here.