Wil’s Work

When author Wil Mauch completed his doctoral dissertation a decade past, he believed he was finished with writing. No doubt most of his doctoral committee members shared a similar hope. It wasn’t until his daughter Edith encouraged him to begin writing again that Wil considered picking up the pen once more. 

Wil is the author of Aware: A Retrospective of the Life and Work of Eric Sloane (Garrigues House, 2000).  In addition to Eric Sloane’s Simple Machines: Noah Blake, A Boy, a Diary, and the Building of America, the author will also have published this year Symbols of American Spirit:  50 Years of the Eric Sloane Museum.  Future publications include:

Diary of an Early American Girl, Sarah Trowbridge, 1805.   This delightful tale picks up the story of Noah and Sarah, told through the perspective of Sarah.  Readers will be surprised to learn of how Noah and Sarah’s future unfolds and will come to know a resourceful, spirited, and heroic Sarah Trowbridge.   

Witness Tree, the story of the life of a 240-year-old house as told from the perspective of an equally ancient tree.

Eckville Saturday Nights, the author’s reminiscences of having lived in rural Berks County, Pennsylvania.

Elllie and the CloudsFarmer Wanzer’s Vacation and Farmer Wanzer’s Trip of a Lifetime, two books written especially for children and the adults who care for them.

When not writing, Wil owns and manages Weather Hill Farm, a gallery that specializes in the works of Eric Sloane.  Wil appraises, authenticates, sells, and restores works by the artist.  The gallery is nestled in a c.1780 Swiss log house.  Weather Hill is also home to a menagerie of rescue animals: a miniature horse, two sheep, three chickens, and four cats.  The sheep are especially enthralled with one of Wil’s other pursuits, rebuilding, modifying, and racing vintage BMW motorcycles (even if the latter is at times a product of his own imagination). He is also the founder and past president of the 501(c)(3) non-profit group the Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum. 

Edith with rescue sheep Emmy Noether

This past summer Wil discovered a new pursuit, walking much of northern England with his daughter Edith.  He left part of his heart in the North York Moors and intends to return soon to retrieve what he left behind.  He can be reached via email.  

Beautiful Rievaulx in the North York Moors