Wil’s Photography

I have enjoyed photography from the time I was 9 years old, when I somehow convinced my mom and dad that I just couldn’t live without a Kodak Instamatic X15, which used 126 cartridge film packs. At the age of 12, I graduated to a 35mm camera, saving every penny I could lay my hands on to eventually shell out about $130.00 for a new Nikon EM with standard 50mm lens. I put that Nikon away after a photography course in my sophmore year of college (it satisfied the fine arts liberal arts requirement). One of our assignments was to take a self-portrait. You can see from the result below that I was already interested in barns, and presumably listening to a lot of U2.

Up until very recently, I was very much enjoying shooting with an old Polaroid Automatic 100 land camera. It was an absolute joy to use for close-up work, less so for landscape work (which, in it’s defense, it was not intended to do well). Unfortunately, the film used in the Automatic is no longer available. The first film type to go (and most unfortunately for me because I cherished it) was black and white:

Next to go was Fuji Film’s FP 100C, which produced some very good results with a soft, vintage feel to the colors:

These days, I reach for one end of the photographic spectrum or the other. When I want to experiment with film, I use a Voightlander Bessa, a folding camera that *just about* fits into my pocket, but takes a 6cm x 9cm negative. On the other end of the spectrum is my Nikon D5600. I have achieved some pretty good results from this digital wonder:

I hope that you enjoy some of the following photographs.