Eric Sloane and ‘Silver City’ of Meriden, Connecticut

Over the course of his career, Eric Sloane painted many murals. Quite a few were in private homes, many others were in corporate settings. This photograph was taken by Wil Mauch in 1999/2000 of a Sloane mural in the headquarters of the now defunct International Silver Company in Meriden, Connecticut. Photos from Wil Mauch’s Aware: A Retrospective of the Life and Work of Eric Sloane.

Eric Sloane and the Noah Blake cabin fundraiser

This interesting item was printed with the wrong street location for the event, we are sure much to the ire of Eric Sloane. A detail that it revealed, unknown by most, was that the money raised for the construction of the cabin was as a direct result of Eric Sloane having donated many pieces from his personal collection of antiques and tools, as well as at least one painting.

Eric Sloane’s Earth Flight Environment

Earth Flight Environment by Eric Sloane, N.A. From Wil Mauch’s Symbols of American Spirit: 50 Years of the Eric Sloane Museum

Earth Flight Environment
Eric Sloane, N.A. (1905-1985)
Acrylic on Canvas, 75′ x 58′ 6″

Affixed to the west wall of the Independence Ave. lobby of the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. Image courtesy of Wil Mauch, from his Symbols of American Spirit: 50 Years of the Eric Sloane Museum.