England, Day 7

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Rievaulx – a beautiful village and abbey

Day 7 found Edith and I in Rievaulx, where we experienced a spectacular day. We were out early, so we were among the first 10 or so people admitted into the ruins of Rievaulx Abbey. It was incredible. We spent hours just marveling at what the abbey must have once been and how striking it must have been for our twelve century counterparts to have come upon this structure.

As walking about as much as we could was a goal for our trip to England, we walked an approximately 5 mile loop out of Rievaulx. Upon our return to the village, we took advantage of tea being offered at the town hall. We spent a delightful hour talking with three residents, who explained that the scones, cakes, and pies for sale were all made by local ladies. They were delicious (we sampled four!) and it proved to be such a congenial and welcomed respite at the end of our day.

A view of the Abbey as Edith and I walked towards Old Byland
Charming thatched roofed cottage at Rievaulx