Emergency Kit for Girls!

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Emergency Kit for girls!

Everything a girl might need in an emergency!

What to put in your kit:

Emergency money

Hair ties

Bobby Pins


Lip balm

Anti-itch cream


Dental Floss


Cleansing and makeup removing pads


Cough Drops



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The Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum are happy to have Mike Everett join our board.  Mike has a wealth of experience and will be an asset to the Friends and the museum alike. Mike (left) and Jeffrey Bischoff (right) in the Eric Sloane Museum.

Eric Sloane owned by the Cradle of Aviation Museum

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Readers of this blog know that Eric Sloane painted a number of murals over his lifetime, perhaps his most famous being the one he executed in the lobby of the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C.  I came across these photographs I took some years ago and thought I would include them here.

At the time these photographs were taken, the mural pictured had been rescued by some folks at what was being developed as the Cradle of Aviation Museum on Long Island (https://www.cradleofaviation.org).  I was invited by Eric Sloane’s 5th wife, Ruth Hinrichs, to view the mural which, if I remember correctly, had just been re-discovered in a storage facility.  I believe that the mural was removed by some workers who were dismantling a hanger at the old Roosevelt Air Field.  The workers clearly cut it out of the wall – the nominal studs are still visible under the plaster.

The mural encapsulates neatly themes that ran throughout Eric Sloane’s career.  It is within this early mural that we can see Sloane’s interest in depicting the past and progress, as well as his playful sense of humor, evidenced by the treatment of the light switch and telephone at the lower left of the mural.


IMG_015 IMG_014 IMG_013

An Eric Sloane evening sky at Weather Hill

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You don’t think that someone is happy with her new playhouse, do you?  Here, Ms. Edith enjoy’s lunch in her new “Ingall’s cabin”, complete with a 19th century writing desk.


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Below appear two photographs I recently uncovered from my days of researching the book Aware:  A Retrospect of the Life and Work of Eric Sloane.  I somehow got wind of an Eric Sloane mural painted upon the wall of the old International Silver Company of Meriden, Connecticut.  I don’t recall the name of the business that occupied the building when I photographed it back in 2000, but after some initial difficulties I was admitted inside to snap photographs.

Meriden was known as “The Silver City” – I think because of International Silver Co., and a few other manufacturers of silverware and other products which required silver in their production.  You may recall that Eric Sloane had a series of plates struck by the International Silver Company which depicted 4 separate line drawings of Sloane’s.  Each drawing represented one of the four seasons and were quite charming.  Sold as “Eric Sloane’s Four Seasons”, these plates were not manufactured using silver; rather, they were made of pewter.

I have lost track of the International Silver building and the beautiful Eric Sloane mural which graced the main staircase which led to the second floor.  If any of you know what has become of the building or the Eric Sloane mural, please let me know.