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Our Newest Volunteer Joined Scott at the Eric Sloane Museum

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Scott received some help the other day from our newest volunteer, Sidney Crouch. Sidney and Scott worked together on the siding of Noah’s bedroom. We’re honored to have Sidney join us in rebuilding the cabin. Our thanks to Scott for serving as a mentor, and our thanks to Sidney for his energy and enthusiasm.

More Progress on the Noah Blake Cabin at the Eric Sloane Museum

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We are receiving a lot of professional-level carpentry from a fantastic volunteer and friend, Scott Sheldon. Scott is doing an amazing job on Noah’s bedroom addition to the cabin. He’s almost done with installing the rough cut beveled siding and it looks great. We’re using reproduction wrought iron nails that are galvanized for weather protection. Who knew they made such a thing in the 21st century?

Nice job, Scott – THANK YOU!

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The Gremlins Have Us, Too!

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It would appear that the gremlins that invaded the Eric Sloane Museum and created enough havoc to delay substantially the planned renovations decided to pay us a visit at the Noah Blake cabin. We’re taking Eric’s advice (see photo from his 1943 The Gremlins Will Get You If You Don’t Watch Out!!) by smiling and blaming it all on a gremlin.

Cabin on a truck – you call, we haul

The good news is that we were able to build the cabin over three days in June. The challenging news is that it is not quite finished, but we’re still at it! The gremlins made the weather terrible, and despite my friend Chris and I putting in two 16 hour days on day 1 and day 2, plus a 14 hour day on day 3, we just couldn’t quite get it all done. Board member John Pennings and volunteer Scott Sheldon worked on Noah’s bedroom while Chris and I focused on the main cabin. They were a huge help.

We built the cabin using early 19th century timbers, all hand hewn, to replicate Eric’s renditions of the cabin in his 1962 Diary of An Early American Boy. The window and door placements will also mirror Eric’s illustrations for the cabin.

Might as well start….
I don’t think these were available in 1805
There is always a clown on every job site
John Pennings and Scott Sheldon begin framing Noah’s bedroom
Aeriel acrobatics
Kent celebrities

After consulting Barb Russ and Liz Shapiro of DECD, we made a decision to cancel the events that had been scheduled throughout 2019. A variety of factors went into that difficult decision. What we are planning for now is a grand re-opening celebration of the newly-renovated Eric Sloane Museum AND Noah Blake Cabin for Spring of 2020. It is going to be awesome! Thanks for your understanding and for sticking with us through all of the gremlin-related activity! We will continue to keep you posted throughout the rest of the year.

England, Day 10

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One of the walks Edith and I wanted to take in the North York Moors was from Hutton le Hole to Lastingham. We were not disappointed!

The start of our walk to Lastingham took us past St. Chad Church. Edith and I made it a point to stop in a number of churches during our walking tour of England. Every one we came across was open and clearly welcomed walkers and visitors. Most had small items for sale to support the church – church histories, post cards, prayer cards, etc. Some even had refreshments for sale, all honor system. Edith and I would sit quietly for a half of an hour or so, contemplating the services conducted, the parishioners who came in and out over the years (in many cases, centuries), and all the history these churches witnessed.

While we purchased as many things as practical to support each church we visited, as well as made a donation in each, we decided to send each church a donation upon our return stateside as a “thank you” for their quiet hospitality and providing us a space for reflection and rest as we came to know a bit more about the land and the people served by the church. Our thanks to the parishioners of St. Chads, as well as for those who support others we visited, including: St. Michael’s and All Angels Church, Hawkshead Church of St. Mary’s, Lastingham

Cottage interior, Ryedale Folk Museum, Hutton le Hole
Who could resist a visit with a witch?
The blacksmith on duty at the Ryedale Folk Museum couldn’t explain the origins of this sculptural pile of horseshoes adjacent to the smithy. It would win, I venture to guess, first prize at any modern art show.
This curious fellow picked us up near the start of our walk to Lastingham. He stayed with us, walking nearly a mile. When we reached the town line for Lastingham, I told him that, if he walked into town with us, I would buy him a beer at the pub. He ruminated on this thoughtfully, but chose to head into the graveyard of the Church of St. Mary’s to graze. Edith and I continued into Lastingham, marveling at the architecture for about an hour. Oddly enough, when we walked out of town and past the church, there was our friend, seemingly waiting for us. He followed us back to Hutton le Hole, parting with us at the very gate from which he came….
One of the many beautiful cottages of Lastingham
The beautiful crypt of Church of St. Mary’s
Not just sheep…young adults!

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