Edith’s Poem If By Sea

November 26, 2018 |  by

If By Sea


If by sea you go, I will go with thee.

Sea deep. Sea cold. But how is sea to thee?

Sea brave. Sea beautiful. But how is sea to thee?

If by sea we go, I will pack for thee!

A loaf of bread and a gallon of milk will be fine for us to eat while we are at sea, don’t yea? What packing must thee do?

Thee will need more food than that if we go to sea! Clothing, too!

But what of the children if you go? said thee.

Anna, Mary, John and Baby Lee will be fine if we go by sea.

But how? you ask. John is only three. How can he be the man of the family if we go by sea?

Anna is already eleven and Mary will soon be seven. They can take care of John and Baby Lee if we go by sea.

Eleven! Seven! Too young! said you.

Yea of little faith! Has thee no trust in thou children?

If Aunt Carrie stays with Anna, Mary, John and Baby Lee then I suppose thee can go with me to sea.

I am going to sea with thee! In a skiff we will go! Getting whiffs of the salty sea air!

Yea laughed. Does thee not understand the dangerous sea?

If we go by sea, what shall we travel by?

Boat of course! This is no calm moat!

But of course! We must expect the worse.

I will call Aunt Carrie to tell her she will be caring for Anna, Mary, John and Baby Lee.

What will you tell her about where thee plans to go?

I will tell her the one thing I know. If by sea we go, I will surely be with thee!




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