Edith’s FAQs about Eric Sloane, The Eric Sloane Museum, and Diary of an Early American Boy

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Who is Eric Sloane?. Eric Sloane was an author of many books including Diary Of An Early American Boy and I Remember America. He was also a painter, his works usually included barns and covered bridges*. He was very interested in tools from early America and other early American topics. Sloane was born on February 27, 1905 in New York City, New York. His real name was Everard Jean Hinrichs .  Eric Sloane died in 1985.

*Covered Bridge –. A bridge enclosed by a roof and by walls on both sides.

Who was Noah Blake?. Noah Blake was a character in Diary Of An Early American Boy. Eric made up his name when he found the diary with the initals N.B., he thought of commonly used names in the 1800’s and he came up with Noah Blake.

What is the book Dairy of An Early American Boy about?.  Diary Of An Early American Boy follows a year in the life of 15 year old Noah Blake. Sound boring? Read on! Eric did not just write boring stories about Noah, he also included real life diary entries written by Noah Blake himself…. not only that, but Eric drew a ton of cool illustrations, almost one on every page, that shows you the tools that Noah might have used and how to use them!!

Where is the Eric Sloane Museum? What types of displays do they have currently?. The Eric Sloane Museum is located in Kent, Connecticut. It mainly has displays featuring early American tools including hammers and nails that people might have used in the 1800’s.

Did Eric start the Eric Sloane Museum?. Yes.

Is the cabin that is on the grounds of the Eric Sloane Museum real?. No. Eric built it as a replica* of what the Blake’s cabin might have looked like.

*Replica – A very exact copy.

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