Mining and Moving Coal in Pennsylvania

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The following titles cover many of the aspects of mining and moving coal in Pennsylvania.  As always, the purchase price includes all applicable taxes and free shipping anywhere in the Continental U.S. in our custom made shipping boxes.

Anthracite and Slackwater: The North Branch Canal 1828-1901 by F. Charles Petrillo 


Anthracite and Slackwater: The North Branch Canal 1828-1901 by F. Charles Petrillo

          Copyright 1986. 280 pages of history and photographs devoted to a complete historical treatment of the North Branch Canal. Some fantastic early photographs are included in this fascinating account of the canal that served the Wyoming Valley of Pennsylvania. Available in a soft cover or hardcover format, these books are new old stock.  We have only a small number of these books left in stock.

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Anthracite Rebirth: Story of the Reading and Northern Railroad by Mike Bednar

          Anthracite Rebirth: Story of the Reading and Northern Railroad by Mike Bednar.

Hardbound, copyright 1998. 124 pages, many, many color photographs and great writing by this former Reading and Northern locomotive engineer provide an incredibly unique perspective on this fascinating railroad. Chronicles the dramatic turn around of the company and it’s services throughout Pennsylvania’s hard coal region. Chapters include Background, Andy Muller, Jr. and the Early Years, Early Blue Mountain and Reading, The Reading Cluster: The Coal Regions, The Winter from Hell: Winter 1993-1994, The Business Boom, A Regional Rail Line Becomes Reality, The Future, The Family, and Locomotive Roster.

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Buckets, Flanges, and Black Diamonds: Mining and Moving Coal in Pennsylvania by George J. Baumes 

Buckets, Flanges and Black Diamonds:  Mining and Moving Coal in Pennsylvania by George J. Baumes.

Hardbound, copyright 2009. 128 pages.

“Coal is removed from the ground by one of two methods – surface or underground. This book offers a brief look at the operation of surface mining through hundreds of color photographs, scenes rarely viewed by the public because of the nature of the business. The surface mine gives a clear picture of men and machines coordinating their efforts with precision and safety, using many types of mining machinery to produce a ton of coal. Equipment in a surface mine ranges in size from a huge 5000 ton excavator to the pit boss’s company pickup truck.

          Author George Baumes was able to obtain permission to visit surface mines throughout Pennsylvania. He was also at trackside recording mile-long railroad unit coal trains delivering thousands of tons of coal to steel mills and electric plants. He followed commercial highway trucks hauling raw coal from mines to processing plants, and stood on riverbanks photographing towboats pushing strings of barges loaded with coal. Finally, he focused his camera on the anthracite region waste coal (culm) project. Once an eye sore, culm banks are being harvested for coal that was once rejected and is now used as fuel for several small power plants with special boilers.”

          – From the dust jacket of Buckets, Flanges and Black Diamonds:  Mining and Moving Coal in Pennsylvania by George J. Baumes

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The Death of a Great Company by W. Julian Parton 

The Death of A Great Company by W. Julian Parton.

Soft cover, Copyright 1986, 123 pages of black and white photos, maps, consolidated balance sheets and lots of information. “The Old Company” as it was known to the coal industry, one of the oldest companies in the United States whose founders were among the most significant contributors to the development of America, ceased to exist. Why after 150 years of growth? What went awry that caused this company to be put to rest? This is the story of Old Company’s Lehigh, the founding years and growth of the company. However, special emphasis is placed on the final active years when one thing after another went wrong, leading to the liquidation of virtually all its assets and the untimely death of a great company.

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Josiah White, Quaker Entrepreneur by Norris Hansell

Josiah White Quaker Entrepreneur by Norris Hansell.  Hardbound, 172 pages, copyright 1992.

“Josiah White is known to historians as a man of vision, a man whose determination and engineering skills enabled him and his partner, Eriskine Hazard, to create one of America’s pioneering coal transportation systems. He is remembered as a builder of might locks and dams, a railroad that used gravity for propulsion, and delicate iron bridges. Yet Josiah White the family man, the devoted Quaker, the farseeing philanthropist, had been lost to twentieth-century Americans until the publication of Norris Hansell’s Josiah White: Quaker Entrepreneur. In this work, Dr. Hansell has exposed the complete man and revealed to modern readers a Josiah White who possessed many fascinating qualities including sharp powers of observation of the events and conditions of his times. Dr. Hansell reveals Josiah White’s continuing impact on modern America not only through the continuing transportation revolution that he originally helped set in motion, but also through the charitable institutions he founded that continue to serve mankind.”

– From the Introduction to Josiah White Quaker Entrepreneur by Norris Hansell

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Smokestacks and Black Diamonds, A History of Carbon County, Pennsylvania by Joan Campion

          Smokestacks and Black Diamonds: A History of Carbon County, Pennsylvania by Joan Campion.  Copyright 1997. 300 pages of photos and exceptional historical documentation.

It is hard to imagine a place more closely bound to the history of the Industrial Revolution than Carbon County, Pennsylvania. Indeed, it might be said to be the crucible of the American Industrial Revolution. For nowhere was better anthracite found than here. The first Fossil fuel to be heavily exploited, anthracite became essential to the nation’s economy. It fueled iron furnaces and provided the impetus for railroad networks. It heated houses, powered industries, and fueled steamships. The cheap iron that was produced in hitherto unimaginable quantities with this plentiful fuel hurtled American into the Industrial Revolution. Demographics changed as immigrants poured into the nation and as families moved from farms to towns and new, different kinds of jobs. A cash economy developed. Agriculture and home life changed as new implements were invented. The stamp of destiny was on Carbon County from the moment Philip Ginder, a miller from the Mahoning Valley discovered anthracite on Sharp Mountain in 1791.

Smokestacks and Black Diamonds tells some of the best-known and some of the lease-known stories of the time when Carbon County was one of the most important regions in America. Joan Campion and contributing authors Vince Hydro, Michael Knies, Lance Metz and Rita Plotnicki have traced the history of the county from it’s frontier days to the present. George Harvan, the preeminent photographer of Pennsylvania’s anthracite region, has contributed a chapter of his most memorable work. Stories of miners and immigrants, the Molly Maguires, the company towns of Mauch Chunk and Palmerton, Glen Onoko in “The Switzerland of America,” letters home from soldiers in nineteenth-century wars, the rivalry between Mauch Chunk and Lehighton to become the county seat- these are but a few of the topics presented in this fascinating book. Numerous photographs enhance the text.  We have only a small number of these books left in stock.

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