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The following titles detail the lives and works of two very talented American artists.  As always, the purchase price includes all applicable taxes and free shipping anywhere in the Continental U.S. in our custom made shipping boxes.

Aware: A Retrospective of the Life and Work of Eric Sloane by James W. Mauch 

Aware dustjacket second quality

          Aware: A Retrospective of the Life and Work of Eric Sloane, recognized by critics as the definitive Eric Sloane biography published in 2001 by Garrigues House, Publishers.  Authored by James W. Mauch, noted authority of the works of Eric Sloane and owner of Weather Hill Farm, the gallery that specializes in works by the artist.
The following is excerpted from the dustjacket flap of Aware:

“Nearly everyone who has an interest in early America knows of Eric Sloane’s work.  Although best known for his depictions of barns and covered bridges, Eric Sloane was also a successful author, illustrator, anthropologist, meteorologist, and historian.  A man of tremendous and varied talents, Sloane evolved from an itinerant sign painter to an accomplished artist elected to the National Academy of Arts.Born Everard Jean Hinrichs in 1905, Eric Sloane led a full and intriguing life.  He created everything from “cloudscapes” while flying with Wiley Post (Amelia Earhart bought his first one) to over three dozen books on the subject of early America.  Eric Sloane is undoubtedly one of the most interesting of twentieth century American painters.

Sure to delight anyone interested in Eric Sloane’s work, “Aware” is an engaging read, generously supplemented with the artist’s paintings, illustrations, and rare family photographs.  Two appendicies are included, one on the subject of collecting first editions of Sloane titles, the other on authenticating, collecting, and restoring Eric Sloane paintings.  To complete this literary work, the author has included and original, never published Sloane manuscript.  Author James Mauch examines each stage of the artist’s career and life, illustrating how one of Sloane’s areas of interest would be a catalyst for the next, a life-long evolutionary process which culminated in a deep exploration of what the artist described as his “philosophy of awareness“.

  • Hardcover, 232 pages
  • Over 65 full color paintings
  • 40 color photographs
  • 25 black and white photographs
  • More than 75 illustrations
  • Appendix by John Townsend of Town’s End Books on collecting 1st edition books by Eric Sloane.
  • Includes an original, never-published manuscript of Eric Sloane’s, complete with his corrections.
  • Written by James Mauch, owner of Weather Hill Farm, a gallery that specializes only in art by Eric Sloane – Weather Hill Farm purchases, sells, authenticates, frames, and restores Eric Sloane original drawings and paintings.

OUR PRICE:  $55.00 (includes free shipping in the Continental U.S. and all applicable sales tax).

Ben Austrian, Artist by Geoffrey D. Austrian

Ben Austrian, Artist by Geoffrey D. Austrian.

A biography of artist Ben Austrian (1870-1921), a Pennsylvania artist made internationally famous as a result of his “chick paintings” used by Bon Ami cleanser. Not surprisingly, the artist’s talents run much deeper. A rapturous look at his life and career, complete with an impressive collection of paintings reproduced in stunning detail.

Chapters include Getting to Know Uncle Ben, An Uncertain Start, Barnyard, Kennel and Stall, Game Hanging on a Wall, A Studio in Paris, A Girl Named Molly, The Bon Ami Chick, and Woods, Ponds, and Streams.

Hardbound, copyright 1997. 120 pages with an extensive representation of the artist’s works.

OUR PRICE:  $25.00 (includes free shipping in the Continental U.S. and all applicable sales tax).


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