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The following titles are our most recent releases.  As always, the purchase price includes all applicable taxes and free shipping anywhere in the Continental U.S. in our custom made shipping boxes.

A Field Guide to the Carriage Barns and Houses of Lewisburg by Edith and James Mauch

Just Released!  A Field Guide to the Carriage Barns and Houses of Lewisburg, by Edith and James Mauch.

(cover, rear)

A new Edith & Her Dad venture to support local charities.  A Field Guide to the Carriage Barns and Houses of Lewisburg examines the historic carriage barns and carriage houses of the borough of Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, employing over 100 pages and 230 photographs to do so.  Included is a chapter on timber framing as the preferred method of construction of 19th century borough carriage houses, carriage house forensics, and a site overview of over 80 borough carriage houses, including the McClure barn (once used to house fugitive slaves), a carriage barn that is actually a large ice house, a carriage barn that was disassembled, moved, the re-erected, and several which have been lost over time.

As with all Edith & Her Dad ventures, this field guide is being sold to support local charities.  100% of the proceeds of the sale of this book are divided equally among the Packwood House Museum, the William Cameron Engine Company, and the Eastern Union County Food Bank.

Softcover, 103 pages, over 230 photographs.

OUR PRICE: $16.95 (includes free shipping in the Continental U.S. and all applicable sales tax).

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