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Thank you to our latest renewing members!

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Our thanks to renewing members Paul Kirsch, who renewed at the Family Level of membership and Sara Ann Gallagher, who renewed at the Individual Level. Your generous support is very much appreciated.

New website up and running for the Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum

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Good news!  The Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum has a brand new website at  One of the exciting features is that it is enabled to accept comments.  One page under development is the “Resources” page, which we envisioned as a sort of ‘clearinghouse’ for all things Sloane.  We welcome your posts, ideas, and contributions to help develop a robust internet resource for information regarding the life and work of Eric Sloane.

Eric Sloane, Heirloom Apples, and Cider

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I recently received a request from Peter S. Montgomery of Warren, Connecticut.  Peter’s project is an important one – if you have some information that can help Peter in his efforts, please email.  Thank you!

“Greetings from Warren, former home of Eric Sloane.

I am working on a project E.S. would have approved of: increasing public awareness of CT’s heirloom apples and saving those that can be found, then having scions cut and trees grafted.  That said, I was reviewing 1955 first editions of his works and could not find a specific reference, but did find the sketch of the apple orchard tools on another site.  Are you aware of any of his writings on farm life, cidering and orchard keeping which might be used in my efforts and, if so, what were his comments?”

A new article on Eric Sloane

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          This scholarly glimpse into the literary body of work produced by Eric Sloane crossed my desk the other day. Writing in Common –Place, an online journal sponsored by the American Antiquarian Society and the University of Connecticut, author Abigail Walthausen provides some much needed context for Eric’s literary inspiration. In my opinion, there is truth in much of Ms. Walthausen writes, but I have come to view Eric Sloane’s artistic inspirations in a somewhat different light. Much of what Eric was trying to convey in his works on paper and on Masonite was, ironically, an acknowledgement our nation’s progress. This acknowledgement was couched in a philosophical look at loss, and it is that ethos of loss that seems to permeate Sloane’s works. Yes, America has progressed greatly since the founding of our nation, but what have we – individually and collectively – lost during this period? It’s a bold and a somewhat impertinent question the artist asked. It is the question, however, that makes Eric’s point that he was not “longing for a better past” or simply “nostalgic”, but his exploration was more nuanced, more complex.

New Website Up and Running for the Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum

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The new Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum website is up and running!  One of the nicer features is that there is a way for you to make comments and suggestions by clicking on the title of any posts made to the site.  We’re looking forward to communicating with you through our new site!

Eric Sloane and New England Stone

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The programming theme for the Eric Sloane Museum’s 2015 season is “Eric Sloane and New England Stone”.  The museum and the friends organization will be working together to explore how New England stone figured prominently into the life and art of Connecticut artist Eric Sloane (1905-1985).  Stay tuned for information concerning specific dates and events!