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Thanks to New and Renewing Members of the Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum!

100% of your membership support in the Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum supports events and programming of the Eric Sloane Museum. You help to further the mission of the Eric Sloane Museum and to preserve and promote Eric Sloane’s legacy. Thank you!

New Members:

Bill Bachrach (Family)
Lia Brassord (Sponsor)
Nancy Buescher (Individual)
Carol Brown (Individual)
Nancy Hipsher (Individual)
Paul Kirsch (Sponsor)
Charmaine Sloane-Thacker ($500 donation)


Richard and Alice Mandel (Family)
James E. and Rebecca E. Mauch (President’s Circle)
James W., Edith M., and Elizabeth K. Mauch (President’s Circle)
Harold and Marie Stewart (Sponsor)

“Being a long time fan of Eric Sloane’s, I am excited about joining this group. Thanks for keeping his Legacy alive.”
-Recent Member of the Friends group

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