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We hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful, full of family and friends.  Weather Hill was happily filled once again this year, alive with the pleasant sounds of children laughing and playing and guests conversing and enjoying themselves.  I was asked by a guest what the music was that we had playing softly in the background.  Weather Hill’s CD player contained two albums by gentlemen who are, in my estimation, very gifted.  William Coulter and Barry Phillips albums Simple Gifts: Instrumental Arrangements of Shaker Melodies and Tree of Life:  Instrumental Arrangements of Shaker Hymns and Dance Tunes are two of the best albums I have heard in some time.  I cannot recommend both more highly.

Eric Sloane’s own fascination with the Shakers did not, I believe, extend to their music.  Sloane did recognize Shaker craftsmanship and work ethic, however.  Eric Sloane’s An Age of Barns was the impetus for the creation of the round barn on the grounds of Heritage Plantation in Sandwich, Cape Cod (another destination I highly recommend).