Major Books by Eric Sloane

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Books by Eric Sloane*


  • Clouds, Air and Wind
  • Camouflage Simplified
  • Gremlin Americanus
  • Your Body In Flight
  • Skies and the Artist
  • Eric Sloane’s Weather Book
  • American Barns and Covered Bridges
  • Eric Sloane’s Almanac and Weather Forecaster
  • Our Vanishing Landscape
  • Book of Storms
  • American Yesterday
  • The Seasons of America Past
  • Return To Taos
  • Look at the Sky
  • Diary of an Early American Boy
  • Folklore of American Weather
  • ABC Book of Early Americana
  • A Museum of Early American Tools
  • The Little Book of Bells
  • A Reverence for Wood
  • The Sound of Bells
  • An Age of Barns
  • The Cracker Barrel
  • Mister Daniels and the Grange
  • Don’t
  • The Second Barrel
  • Look at the Sky…And Tell The Weather
  • I Remember America
  • The Little Red Schoolhouse
  • Do
  • The Spirits of ’76
  • Recollections in Black and White
  • For Spacious Skies
  • Legacy
  • Return to Taos: A Twice Told Tale
  • Once Upon A Time, The Way America Was
  • Eighty: An American Souvenir

*This list includes those titles in which Eric Sloane was the principle author. It does not include other books Eric Sloane contributed to, the multitude of articles he wrote over his career or “compilation titles” that grouped previous books into one title for a subsequent printing.

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