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Are there fraudulent Eric Sloane paintings and how do know if a painting you are considering is authentic?

I offer the information contained in these paragraphs because of a call I recently received from a gentleman who was seriously considering purchasing an Eric Sloane being offered at a nationally known gallery – a painting that was not, in my opinion, one executed by Eric Sloane (at least not “my” Eric Sloane – the painting was signed “Eric”).

There exists both outright copies of Eric Sloane paintings with either a fraudulent signature or no signature at all, and there exists a number of known painters who have become exceptionally good at copying his techniques. In the latter case, the works are usually – but not always – signed by the artist. While I do not have any knowledge or suspicion that some of these artists have attempted to sell their unsigned works as Eric Sloane originals, I remain concerned that an unscrupulous dealer or reseller might. Most reputable dealers and sellers will accept a deposit and allow you to take the painting to a professional independent appraiser for his or her opinion.

There are a multitude of fakes on the market. Quite a few have appeared on well-known auction sitesĀ  lately. Some I believe were sold by sellers who did not know they were fakes and some by unscrupulous sellers who knew (or strongly suspected) that they were selling a fake, but sold it anyway. The same advice applies: arrange to have the painting authenticated by an independent appraiser. The expense of doing so well outweighs the distaste and disgust of realizing you just spent a good deal of money on a fake.

Please understand that the process of authentication is a different process than appraising. Many appraisers are not authenticators of Eric Sloane paintings. We have the knowledge and experience to do both.

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