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We arrived home a few hours past from a satisfying trip to the Eric Sloane Museum in Kent, Connecticut.  The Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum has established a ritual of sorts, hosting members and guests under our “hospitality tent”.  I so enjoyed meeting many of the artists who contributed to the 2013 Trash Art event (see the Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum tab for additional details about this event).  The combination of our conversations and seeing “other artist’s” works in the gallery of the Eric Sloane Museum caused me to think a good deal about how Eric Sloane himself would have thought about other artists sharing space in his gallery.

I came to the conclusion that, if Eric Sloane were alive today, he would love it.  I like to think that Eric Sloane would have especially enjoyed that the Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum placed a special emphasis on encouraging children and young adults to submit works of art to the exhibit.  I think that, based upon what I know of the gentleman, Eric Sloane would have enjoyed talking to these young artists and asking them questions about their works and what they were thinking of as they made each piece.  As I walked about, talking with some of our young artists, I could almost imagine Eric Sloane there, too – I think he would have been most pleased to see his museum providing some space for the enjoyment and use of fellow artists.

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