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I have read or have been told several stories, always in passing and somewhat vague, of “the mystery man of the Latin Quarter” in early tales of a young Eric Sloane.  In her notes of Eric Sloane’s young adulthood, Eric Sloane’s sister Dorothy Hinrichs also mentions “the mystery man of the Latin Quarter”.  I do recall asking Dorothy about the reference during one of our visits and Dorothy suggested that Eric Sloane “hoaxed” residents of the Latin Quarter of New Orleans, where he found himself after running away from home.  Apparently, Eric Sloane either purposefully exhibited signs of having amnesia, or residents attributed those characteristics to him.  At any rate, at some point an article from the local newspaper was sent to Dorothy from Eric Sloane, the article describing a man who fit Eric Sloane’s description as wandering about the Latin Quarter with no memory of who he was or from whence he came.  The reporter dubbed him “The Mystery Man of the Latin Quarter” and he was cause for some sensation.  Just what Eric Sloane might have been “up to” is hard to divine…

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