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Young Eric Sloane also could be charming in an unintentional and sometimes humorous way.  In Dorothy’s hand is a glimpse of both her love for, and admiration of, her brother, as well as a foreshadowing of personality in the older Eric Sloane:

“Telling me that if anyone ever called you a ‘son of a bitch’ to all but kill them because it is an insult to your mother”

“Do as I say, not as I do”

“Whispering clear answers I should give to his questions in order to impress his friends”

Eric Sloane’s early morning doings at Cedar Crest – hunting for arrow heads and crawfish under rocks.  Eric Sloane’s “boathouse doings”-fishing and searching for night crawlers

Giving “chalk talks” on weather (Dorothy didn’t write down any subjects – wouldn’t weather be a fitting one?)

“Stuttering speech impediment.  Mrs. Jessop, speech therapist.  Ran from her in the Forrest Hill home” – *** more on this in the future.

Dorothy concludes this section of notes with one last bit of news – when Eric Sloane ran away from home and returned some weeks later, he was met at the door by “Madame X” (the name Dorothy and Eric gave to their stepmother) with a riding crop in her hand!

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