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I was going through some old papers yesterday when I found a number of hand written pages I saved, authored by Dorothy Hinrichs, Eric Sloane’s sister.  Dorothy gave me these pages over a decade ago, some of her notes she used when writing her book on Eric Sloane’s early life and career.  Her notes appear as a list, often describing the attributes of a young Eric Sloane, sometimes describing her recollections and impressions of Cedar Crest, or perhaps walking through the woods.  Here are some notes she penned regarding Eric Sloane as a young man:

“..kidnapping a boy scout band to serenade our mother, on water in front of the boathouse in the evening.”

“Diving from boathouse roof in full evening dress”

“Blowing up mother’s silver salt and peppers on July 4th with gunpowder”

“Taking best handkerchiefs to use for paintings”

“Giving presents then giving them to other people”

“Carrying furniture out of house to take to hock shops”

“Teasing sister”

Quite a character, even in youth.  We all have similar events in our own youth, experiences and attributes we would rather forget – and have others forget, too.  Yet Dorothy loved her brother Everard dearly, and had much else to pen concerning Everard, who of course was to grow up to be internationally recognized as Eric Sloane, artist.

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