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Heating, Weather Hill style.  We use a 1908 Glenwood Base Heater #6 and it is a wonderful piece of equipment.  While it can burn coal or wood, I prefer wood.  As Eric Sloane wrote, wood heat warms many times over.  For me, it warms once when I cut the wood, once when I split the wood, once when I stack the wood, and once when I burn the wood.  There is nothing that can compare to a properly built wood fire of seasoned hardwood in a good stove.  I prefer burning Birch as it is fragrant both during splitting and burning.

Last evening, at the height of the gale when the air temperature fell considerably, I smiled at the thought of my “radiant floor heating”.  As the Glenwood burned merrily along downstairs, I received the benefit of a strategically placed antique cast iron floor grate I installed by cutting a hole in my bedroom floor with a chainsaw.  Additionally, the rising heat from the first floor circulates among the ceiling beams, giving the floor of my bedroom a “warm to the touch” sensation much appreciated as a hopped bare foot into my cherry four post bed.

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