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Weather Hill Farm welcomes our second rescue animal, a sheep that was to be slaughtered before my business partner Edith stepped in and put an end to all the “slaughtering nonsense”.  Wife Beth was next in line to name the next animal (we rotate that distinction in the family) and chose “Emmy Noether” after an early 20th century mathematician who was a pioneer in her field (as our Emmy is in hers).  Welcome, Emmy!

Sheep may safely graze
Whilst the shepherd is watching.
Where the wise and good rule
Peace will also reign there
And there will be peace throughout the world.

–  J.S. Bach, Hunt Contata 208 “Sheep May Safely Graze” written in 1713


Rescue Horse “Dandy”, Rescue Sheep “Emmy Noether” and Daughter and Business Partner “Edith”

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