Eric Sloane and Descending Winds

September 18, 2012 |  by

The beginnings of a gale at Weather Hill Farm.  Eric wrote of how winds descend from aloft so I took notice last evening of how fast the clouds were rolling in from the south – a portend of high winds and much rain.

A muffled series of thumps awoke me at 4:30 this morning.  Alarmed at first,  I came to realize that it was just the sound of large walnuts falling upon the roof from some of the great Walnut trees that surround the house at Weather Hill.  Eric indeed was correct – overnight, the winds had descended from aloft and were now helping to begin the lives of a new generation of Walnut trees at Weather Hill.

I did chuckle in the darkness over a joke my grandfather told me decades ago. An aged New England farmer called on a young  landscaper to help plant some Walnut trees the farmer had started from seeds a few years prior.  “Why do you want to plant those Walnuts?” the landscaper demanded, “they’ll take a hundred years to grow into mature trees!”. “Well then”, the annoyed old man replied, “you’d better get here as soon as you can and start planting.”

Eric’s tales of descending wind, that wind now working in concert with the Walnut trees to help shepherd their offspring to the ground, and my grandfather’s joke coalesced into the perfect tonic to help me drift peacefully back to sleep…

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