A bored Eric Sloane…

April 22, 2012 |  by

Prior to our luncheon engagement at the Fife ‘N Drum Restaurant last Friday, one of our members told the following story about Eric, which we all found charming.  Our member friend had been invited by Eric to lunch at the Dutch Treat Club in New York City.  As was typical, there was a speaker during lunch.  Apparently, this speaker did not, in actuality, capture the attention of his audience.  Our friend saw that Eric was becoming noticeably bored with the speaker or his topic (or perhaps both) and then saw Eric do something curious.  Eric grabbed a lunch plate, took out the felt pen he nearly always carried, and began to sketch something in the room.  At the conclusion of the lunch and the speech, Eric walked over to another man in the audience, handed him the plate, and said “Here – this is what you looked like while you were listening to that guy!”.  Priceless….

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