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Today was spent with my six year old daughter, Edith, setting out the other half of our orchard.  While Eric probably would have suggested Westfield Seek-No-Furthers as the appropriate choice for an orchard, Edith and I opted for the hearty hybrid of Honey Crisp.  If you haven’t tasted one of these, you are in for a real treat when you do.  We also planted some Red Haven peaches, so we now have a nice mix of apples and peaches in the field directly in front of our barn.

Spring, and in a light rain, I think, is a wonderful time to work.  The surrounding hillsides are tinged with various colors that  reminds me pleasantly of fall.  The sound of the brook swelling with the new rain is a pleasant sound.  I have considered creating a series of recordings of sounds one might have heard in 18th and 19th century America.  Eric wrote often of sounds and smells and how we have lost some (and some forever) in the ensuing generations.  Perhaps I will include my babbling brook, perhaps an Amish friend will run his wagon through the covered bridge down the road for me to record, perhaps I will record the sound of a broad axe shaping a beam…but for now, the rain is coming on a bit stronger and it is time to go inside, take off our wet coats, stoke the wood stove, and have some tea.

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